Chateau Royale Apartments


Pool Season

The pool is opening May 26, 2023. Please sign and return your copy of the current pool rules before June 15, 2023. Please be safe and as always, HAVE FUN!!!

Parking Reminder

You may not park along the side of the road at any time. Please be advised that you have two outside parking spaces by your apartment. It is especially important to keep the roads clear during the winter months because of plowing and salting. If a vehicle is left along the roadway it will be towed.

Preparing for Cold Weather

Just a reminder that as the temperature is going to drop again it is very important to follow a few simple steps to prevent any pipes from freezing. If the temperature is going to be below 10 degrees please make sure that your heat is set to a minimum of 65 degrees and that you leave a faucet (preferably one closest to an outside wall) dripping.